Beavers Be Dammed is a co-op game that revolves around a couple of wood-obsessed beavers. Your goal of moving logs from a sawmill to the drop point may SEEM simple, but you're sure to encounter some increasingly difficult obstacles while having to coordinate with a whole other person!

Your journey starts with you and your partner-in-crime navigating your way into the mill and locating your prize. Don't worry about hurting the economy while stealing logs from the mill - it's run by an evil lumberjack. You would question his business sense after seeing the obstacles that block your path, though. Saw blades, flamethrowers and platforming challenges stand in your way in this bizarre, but charming co-op challenge. If you and your co-op pal navigate through the obstacles safely, you're in the home stretch and all you have to do from there is get to the drop point and make off like bandit-beavers!

The adorable art style of thieving beavers is paired with the co-op mechanic to make for a great way to pass the time with a friend to see who has the best log-stealing skills!

You can purchase Beavers Be Dammed on Steam here. You can also check out the official website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for future developments!