Between mobile offerings like Paint It Back and PC series like Hexcells, the nonogram/Picross-inspired style of logic puzzlers have had a steady flow of interesting games. Delete is the newest entry to the category, taking a unique perspective-based and level-twisting approach to the puzzles.


Delete starts out simply, with single planes and small grids. As with other games in the genre, you'll need to use numbers to logically figure out each tiles need to be marked and which don't, no guesses required. And then the levels start expanding: cubes and rectangles, 3D shapes with multiple sides and planes, and then buttons that change the shape of levels. Shapes separate, slide-out panels are revealed, and eventually you can even rotate sections or even then the entire level.

This shifting of stages both allows for creative and interesting designs, and adds another avenue to glean knowledge for puzzling solving, since different configurations may change number of surrounding tiles to mark.

Delete can be purchasef for $1.99 on Steam.