Destroy Space Aliens looks to appeal to alien haters and folks who dig the color green, taking players on an adventure through a castle filled with jerk aliens who are really messing up a house-sitting job.

Sir Frank Jones V has disappeared, leaving the player in charge of watching his castle. Naturally, this means that aliens will show up and make a huge mess of the place, forcing players to dig out swords and blasters to try to get them out before they call the rest of their friends over. They'll have to clear out ten bosses and hundreds of alien creatures all over the castle, and depending on how they do, they'll reach one of three different endings.

Destroy Space Aliens has some purposeful quirks to its design to keep players at it once they've already cleared out their alien squatters. The game has been designed for sequence breaking and speedruns, so players can get a little bit creative with how they go through it if they want to get a bit more out of the experience. Plus, if you get the monsters out faster, you may have a chance to clean up the mess the slimy buggers left behind before Sir Frank figures out you let creatures party in his castle.


Destroy Space Aliens is available for $9.99 on Steam.