Across sprawling and abstract alien worlds, Venineth frames its platforming, exploration, and environmental within a focus on mystery and discovery. This puzzle platformer is set not in challenging gauntlets but on the vast expanses of distant planets, letting you explore and uncover the secrets of its worlds at your own pace.

As sleek chrome drone, you venture out into the unknown expanses of gas giant, moons, and looming megastructures, to discover their secrets and explore their depths. With a simple jump, fast movement, and physics-based interactions, Venineth lets you manipulate the worlds through switches and weird machinery, and navigate through challenging areas where zero gravity, force fields, toxic pools, and rivers of flowing lava.

Each of Venineth's stages is a distinct partially-open world, letting you explore but also not being to sprawling to get frustratingly lost. Somewhere out there, a portal awaits to bring you back to your central hub, and each world explored, you'll travel to more otherworldly places.

Venineth doesn't have a release date yet but is slated to release on PC; for development updates and more screenshots, you can follow the game on Twitter and its site.