Faith follows a young priest back to a home where an apparent case of demonic possession left few alive a year before. Investigating these past events will dredge up horrific memories and even more unsettling beings, though, testing players' bravery through the horror title's incredible use of rotoscope, Spectrum-like visuals, and frightening sound.

Players will comb through the house where the demonic possession supposedly occurred and the nearby grounds, dealing with periodic monstrous appearances with a quick flick of the cross. Well, some of them. There are far more powerful presences that lurk nearby - disturbing beasts that are made all the more discomforting by the game's rotoscope animation. The cross may not be enough for some of these creatures, requiring the player dig deep for answers in order to survive their presence.

Faith makes good use of its limited visuals to frighten the player, creating a sense that things never look quite right. Like The Last Door, the minimalist look creates this sense that what you are looking at is not quite right, allowing player imagination to give it a deeper dread. However, it's the sound and music that makes this game crawl under the skin, using distorted sound and muffled voice to make the senses beg to be free of this nightmare we willing subject ourselves to.

It may appear simple, but Faith hides some incredible scares (without relying on jumps) for horror fans, taking them down many creepy story paths. It's also inexcusable not to play since you can pay whatever you like for it.

Faith is available for whatever you wish to pay for it on Itch.io. For more information on the game and Airdorf Games, you can follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.