Do you have a furry friend in your residence? Do they occupy a big spot in your heart to the point of feeling guilty when you leave them in the house alone? Till the Dawn, Waiting might take those emotions and shine a spotlight on them. In this story-driven game, assume the role of Barney - a dog abandoned to the elements, waiting for his owner to return...or not.

Far worse than just watching our pets faces watch from the window as we leave for work, Till The Dawn, Waiting forces players to listen to an abandoned pet's thoughts and explore their fears. Players will follow Barney's thoughts as he's left alone in the desert, always positive his owner is just about to return even as his body breaks down. Pair this scenario with a strong atmosphere created with music and a minimalistic art style and you'll find yourself in the recipe for a tearful tale.

As you explore the dialogue through Barney's interactions with other creatures, choices will arise and these decisions will affect how you fare. This narrative experience will drive home the power of a dog's love for their owner as Barney clings to the hope that his owner will return. A dog is man's best friend, but man may not always be dog's best friend.

You can purchase Till the Dawn, Waiting on Steam here. You can also follow the developers on their site, YouTube, Twitter or Facebook!