Guppy will have players swimming through a watercolor sea, looking for scraps of food to nibble on as they play with their other schools that are in the pond alongside them.

Guppy puts players in control of a fish looking for its next meal, having them swim through the waters to find something to eat. To propel themselves toward that food, players will need to wiggle their tail back and forth to gain momentum, wiggling their way toward what they want.

It's about more than keeping the fish fed, though, as there are larger fish out there who are looking to make a meal out of the player as well. To avoid them, players can hide under lily pads, but they'll need to get the hang out of controlling themselves with their tail in order to be able to hide quickly.

While not getting eaten can be stressful at times, Guppy offers a calming, pretty experience of just being a fish and sailing through still waters, embracing the touches of color and beauty throughout a pond.

Guppy is available for $2.99 on, Steam, Google Play, and the App Store. For more information about the game and developer ninjadodogames, they can head to the developer's site, the game's site, or follow them on YouTube and Twitter.