You'd think that a game you've been anticipating ever since it was announced ages ago would somehow disappoint, no matter what. These things just cannot be measured against the giant expectations that have been building up over the years, they simply cannot be that good as you want them to be.

And yet, here we are and Iconoclasts, Joakim 'konjak' Sandberg's action platformer that has been seven years in the making, is finally out in the wilds, gracing your PCs, PS4s, and Vitas with its presence. The wait was all worth it.

In a world ruled by the mighty One Concern (which makes you think "boy band" but is really more like "evil empire"), choosing your profession is out of the question. You get a job assigned to you and you'd better be happy with that if you don't want to face 'penance' - which is just as nasty as it sounds, really.

Enter Robin, a taciturn young freelance mechanic - and sinner in the eyes of the One Concern - who somehow stumbles into this huge story, featuring a colorful cast, lots of drama, and boss fights. So many boss fights. The writing might not be the game's strongest part, but the charming world and likeable characters more than make up for it.

Besides, zipping through those wonderful levels is pure bliss. Jumping around, hitting things with your super-sized wrench, climbing ledges, or swimming underwater, it all feels so incredibly fluid and satisfying. The levels themselves might have a bit of backtracking now and then, but with all these bright colors and cleverly hidden secrets, they are a joy to behold.


If you're already familiar with konjak's earlier games, such as the Noitu Love titles, you know what to expect - except that Iconoclasts is such an evolution (ha!) of his earlier style, incorporating incredibly polished platforming, some Metroidvania elements, and lots of boss fights, which are clearly the game's highlights. And don't forget, this was all done by one person. It's a stunning achievement and, like I said, it was absolutely worth the wait.

You can purchase Iconoclasts on GOG or Steam for $19.99. The game is also available as a cross-buy title for PS4 and Playstation Vita. For more information, visit the game's website and follow developer konjak on Twitter.