Combine the macro level of management (city-building) with the micro level (people managing) and you'll end up with Mind The Vikings. Players can look forward to discovering new lands and developing them to their liking, all while meeting the many different residents and their unique personalities!

The strongest draw to the game is the pairing of a Sims-like mechanic with city building, giving players some inhabitants and workers with personalities that can be weird, evil, or just plain silly. Mood has been mentioned when talking about the quirky residents of your village and the developers plan to have a mead hall for drinking and partying, leading us to believe that perhaps you can help influence the happiness of your villagers and their productivity. You'll definitely want to keep them happy so your community can grow and you can enjoy trading with other villages, as they may not even do what you want them to do, if they're feeling stubborn.

Players will be able to enjoy this new element in their city building mixed in with a dose of Viking spirit. If you prefer, you could have the option of raiding other villages and just taking goods by force! The developers are even planning to include mod support so that players can enjoy their own additions to the game. These developments are just a taste of what the developers hope to implement (along with many different personalities!) and, as early access continues, the developers will be looking at feedback to help improve the game.

You can purchase Mind The Vikings on Steam here! You can also check out the official website for further information!