I do love me a good roguelike, but these things are quite the time sink. Level up your puny little hero, explore vast labyrinths, amass riches - that stuff usually takes a considerable amount of time. But fret not, Realm of the Ghost King respects your time, offering bite-sized sessions that will easily fit into your coffee break.

The game has eight randomly generated dungeons for you to conquer - and they're actually quite small. However, they are inhabited by nasty little creatures such as bats and sentient poison mushrooms and whatnot. You, on the other hand, aren't your usual heroic self either - each of the nine unlockable classes is some kind of monster with special abilities.

Realm of the Ghost King does away with stats altogether. The only thing you need to keep track of is the amount of souls that you harvest from your fallen foes. These serve as a sort of currency to either use your special ability or to raise your health in the game's not easily accessible shops. There are also bombs that let you blow up some walls and escape from hairy situations.

All of this is incredibly accessible while also deeper and more tactical than it first appears. Granted, sometimes you're stuck in that same old song and dance where you're waiting for an enemy to get within range first so that you can hit them and not the other way round - and this can be quite the problem due to the levels being so small.

Other than that, learning how to use your powers to your advantage and slowly vanquishing those dungeons in order to become the new dungeon boss is pretty damn good. Realm of the Ghost King might not have the same staying power as its bigger siblings, but that's the point. If you're short on time, this is the roguelike for you.

You can purchase Realm of the Ghost King from and Steam for $3.99. You can also visit the game's website and follow developer Mantis-Eye Labs on Twitter.