Rym 9000's trailer rightfully starts with an epilepsy warning, as the game's distorted, trembling, shifting visuals are on the cusp of overwhelming the eyes at almost every moment, taking players through a hyper-stimulating roller coaster ride of lights, colors, effects, and sound.

Oh yeah the shooting part is swell too.

Rym 9000 is about a hunting for a legendary treasure on the moon, which is protected by five stages of eye-blasting action. Players will hurtle through space, their speed communicated through the game's constantly-shifting effects and shaking ships. The visual effects of the game give a sense of constant pressure and momentum, like everything is on the verge of shaking to pieces as players rush toward the treasure, giving an almost tactile sense of shuddering.

Players who do well can place their names on a leaderboard, but they can also unlock achievements that drop bits of lore about the world of Rym 9000 as well, so there's plenty of goodies for players even if they aren't the best worldwide. Whether they're skilled pilots or not, the visual style of Rym 9000 is something well worth seeing, capturing a sense of speed in a way that you can practically feel it.

Rym 9000 is available for $5.99 on and Steam. For more information on the game and developer Sonoshee, you can follow them on Tumblr, YouTube, and Twitter.