In the newest addition to the Rusty Lake point and click series, Rusty Lake Paradise sets up for a new atmospheric and chilling experience. Players will be taken on a dark journey as they must attempt to stop the plagues by uncovering hidden memories and participating in twisted family rituals.

Traveling to Paradise Island after his mother's mysterious passing, Jakob Eilander finds himself in a very eerie situation. Jakob finds the island cursed by the ten plagues of Egypt and, perhaps by coincidence, it all started around the time of his mother's death. Jakob must find his mother's hidden memories to unveil clues about the mysterious circumstances he finds himself in.

As players discover the plagues, the atmosphere of the game will shift. For each plague, players will find themselves experiencing a new set of music and an atmosphere suited to that plague. There is certainly more than enough gruesome imagery to work with when the plagues can range from hails of frogs to water turning to boiling blood.

Get your clicker-finger ready to solve a dark mystery and sink into the depths of Rusty Lake Paradise.

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