Virtual reality and stunt design come together quite nicely in Stunt Corgi VR. Players can place down tons of various obstacles and objects to build a challenging stage for their courageous partner. The stage, choreography and wardrobe is yours to control!

Stunt Corgi VR offers many props to experiment with and enjoy with its course-building mechanic, asking players to try a little bit of everything until they nail down a stunt that is perfect to their tastes. You'll have everything from boxes to stack all the way up to cannons and portals! Don't worry about hurting your star though, she's a pro and can handle it all. If you feel like she did a particularly good job though, there's a mode where you can give her some quality pats!

Course design isn't the only area of VR customization. With over 100 accessories to dazzle your audience with, you'll never end up with a dull corgi (as if there were ever such a thing!). Players will be able to enjoy dressing their star to match the stunts and catch some great moments, getting them ready for when you call "Action!" and capture your stunt live, watching as your creations comes to life (or fall apart, if it happens to go that way).

With the level of customization so high, players will spend many hours in Stunt Corgi VR while making some unique and dazzling stunts!

You can purchase Stunt Corgi VR on Steam here. You can also check out the official site, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook page!