While at its core, Silver Grapple is reminsicent of your fast, skill-testing precision platformer, its titular element gives an acrobatic flair among other entries in the genre. Jamie Rollo's new platformer combines metroidvania elements with swing-focused platforming where maintaining momentum, arc angle, and timing of release are the skills you to master.

Silver Grapple unleashes you in the trap and puzzled-filled rooms of a mysterious subterranean facility, as you attempt to avoid its dangers while learning about the secrets behind its closure years before and rescuing people during your escape. But whether it's a quarantine zone or excavated quarries, you'll need to swing with precision and speed; momentum and the angle of your swing is key to navigating the gauntlets of lasers, spikes, switches, trampolines, and other environmental elements. Swinging fast isn't enough; you have to master shooting your grapple mid-leap to activate switches, releasing at the right moment to skip across water like a stone, and using movements like loops to fling yourself in the perfect direction.

Silver Grapple is available for $14.99 on Steam, and you can learn more about the game and developer through Twitter and Facebook.