The Night Ripper will have players walking the streets alone after work, dealing with the frightening presence of a masked killer who will make for a terrifying journey home.

The Night Ripper follows Rachel, a young woman who is just trying to get home after her shift. The police have cordoned off a part of the street, though, blocking her regular route. This sends her down dark, PS1-style alleys and streets where she'll meet a few people, find some useful items, and likely stumble across the masked killer everyone is looking for. Should she find this unsettling figure, it will be time to rush through the tight corridors of the claustrophobic, shadowy areas around her, using whatever weapons she can find while (literally) fighting panic.

The Night Ripper, like many of developer Puppet Combo's other horror outings, creates a powerful discomfort with its visual style, setting the player on edge while taking them into a world of 80's horror/slasher films. It's all well worth looking into for fans of the genre, and this one in particular might make your own walks home at night seem just a little bit more unsettling.

The Night Ripper is available for free for Puppet Combo's $5+ Patreon donators. For more information on the game and developer Puppet Combo, you can head to the developer's Patreon page or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.