Take a dive into the not-so-distant past and immerse yourself in the dialect of the 1920's with A Case of Distrust. It may not be a walk down easy street, though, as you'll be in the shoes of a female detective on the hunt for answers. Use evidence and statements to draw out the truth, and don't let those schmucks give you the runaround.

The developers have taken it upon themselves to make an authentic 1920's experience for players to enjoy. The music, illustrations, and slang form an engrossing stage for the mystery you'll have to solve. With subtle animations and silhouettes, the characters and world are bursting with personality - making your clue-searching all the more thrilling.

As a female detective in the 1920's, you'll have to visit the underbelly of San Francisco for answers, working through various dialogue options in order to crack the case. Pay close attention to your evidence and testimonies, as knowing the case is the only way you'll gain the ammunition you need to crack the defenses of a tight-lipped suspect, finding the flaws in their stories.

Fans of historical mysteries will not want to pass up A Case of Distrust!

You can purchase A Case Of Distrust on Steam or Game Jolt. You can also check out the official site and Twitter!