Do you have what it takes to save an ailing magazine? Foto Flash poses this challenge to players and doesn't shy away from the comedic value posed by it. With an upbeat soundtrack to jam out to while you try to work on your charm with a variety of potential models, players will have be able to groove out as they try their best to get the pictures they need.

Sala City is your location and you have one mission: become the world's greastest pin-up photographer. Not exactly an everyday goal (or an easy one!). Luckily, the city has ten girls that you'll encounter - each with their own personality and colorful character design. You'll have to be on your A-game and persuade them to let you photograph them. Perhaps you'll have to retrieve certain things for them to be incentivized to pose for you, or have to say just the right thing to convince them. No matter what players have to do, it promises to be at least a little silly.

If you're into goofy adventures, good music, and great character design - grab Foto Flash and snap some pictures!

You can purchase Foto Flash on Steam here. You can also check out the developer's site, Twitter, or YouTube channel!