First person melee has gotten its fair share of iterations and styles in games large amd small, from Dead Island to Chivalry. Currently in development for PC, Arthurian Legends' approach to melee is decidedly more 90's, harkening back to the fast-paced action of Witchhaven and Hexen.

Sword, shield, axe, and mace. Holy grenade and throwing dagger. Arthurian Legends provides you with a weath of weapons to slay the forces of evil, leaving blood and guts in your wake. Split into themed chapters akin to Doom or the recent Dusk, you might fight across the kingdom of Albion: forest and swamp, castles where Saxons and evil mages lurk, the caves and cemeteries that undead and skeletons await in the shadows.

Alongside your weapons, Arthurian Legends lets you control the hordes of enemies with magicial power-ups that can freeze foes or unleash lightning storms, as well as special relics to collect and secret areas with hidden items to find.

Arthurian Legends is currently in development, with a demo expected in the future. You can learn more about the game and developer through its site and Twitter page.