Submerged worlds have seen more than a few digital portrayals, from Subnautica to the aptly titled Submerged. But Above takes a different approach to its flooded landscape, letting you explore it not from the surface or beneath the waves but well...above in your trusty personal plane.

In this flight-focused adventure, young Mary starts out in a fishing village archipelago but soon sets out on a journey alongside sky pirates in search of her brother. Above's world is one of ancient evils and leviathans beneath the surface, and odd ruins and structures dotting the sprawling oceans to encounter. From your hangar, you can customize your plane with different wings, landing gear, and other parts, letting you adapt your craft for various scenarios and even engage in combat, particularly with giant sea monsters.

With upgrades and practice, you'll be able to pull stylish moves and tricks like loops, for agile avoidance and navigation. And with each skill mastered, you'll be able to explore more of Above's environments to find new characters, missions, and locales, all revolving around this flooded future.

Above is still in the midst of development and is expected to release next year. You can learn more on the game's site and follow its progress on Twitter.