With a wide, open world to discover, WeakWood Throne offers many things for an aspiring wizard, knight, or archer to get up to. Players will be able to choose from a few different classes (or try to be a jack of all trades) while taking on the various enemies of the world, as well as delving into the story behind a troubled king and his citizens.

Players will be put on the quest of finding out why WickWood Kingdom is in misfortune. The economy is terrible and danger roams the streets. To top it all off, there is something off about the King and your goal is to dethrone him. You'll have to get strong first, though, and there's a few different approaches you could take.

You'll have the option of three classic classes: Swordsman, Archer, or Mage. You do have the option to play all three at once, if you're confident enough though! With these classes, you'll be able to roam the open world with a little less worry. Take up your choice of weapon and earn some gold by questing for the locals, raiding soldiers' caravans or exploring the forests for lost treasures. You'll have more than enough to do and a lot to see, especially with its bright color scheme and art style!


You can purchase WeakWood Throne on Steam here. You can also check out the developer's website.