Given a certain movie that released last year, you might be familiar with Ragnarok, the end-times of Norse Mythology, the apocalyptic battle that kills god and monster alike. But before the battle rages, winter comes, the titular fimbulwinter destined to wipe out life on earth. It's during this raging final storm that Fimbul takes place, pitting your Viking warrior against the low poly beasts of Norse myth.

In your quest to save Midgard, you guide an old Viking berserker through the snowswept Norse woods, engaging in dodge-heavy melee fights with other humans, looming trolls, and powerful Jotun. Hacking and slashing with your sword and shield lets you slice through hordes of foes, using powerful combos and abilities to keep from being overwhelmed.

You won't be fighting alone either, sometimes battling alongside fellow Vikings to bring down bosses or letting those charging Jotuns obliterate a group of soldiers for you before moving in to defeat the remaining enemies. Outside of battle, the story of Fimbul will be told through comic book panels, presenting your hero and his world in a different and colorful aesthetic.

Fimbul is slated to release on PC in 2018. For more details and footage, you can visit developer Zaxis' site and Twitter page, as well as wishlist the game on Steam.