From Abzu to Subnautica, the ocean is often a place of vibrant mysteries. In Other Waters is no less mysterious, but takes a far more minimalist approach to its alien depths, presenting its shallows and wrecks and unknown species from the detached perspective of sensors and scanners.

As the AI guidance systems for stranded xenobiologist Ellery Vas and her diving suit, you view the exoplanet waters of Gliese 677Cc as topography and motion sensor icons, and responding to Ellery's queries with simple yes or no answers. Through dialogue and descriptions, In Other Waters brings its unexplored world to life as you plot courses from your central base and explore greater depths.

But In Other Waters has greater ambitions than just flavor text and carefully-paced narrative. Developer Gareth Damian Martin has designed its ocean world with the trappings of a metroidvania, whether that means deciding to explore cave networks or track species to learn more about them or search for new resources and technology to improve your suit's capabilities. Your choices can lead you down branching side stories, through previously unexplored areas, or deeper into more dangerous waters and along the game's main narrative.

In Other Waters is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter; you can also download a demo prologue on itch.io that introduces the game's mechanics and story.