Shotgun Legend is an homage to The Legend of Zelda, to be sure, but one that brings portals, aliens, truck rims, shotguns, and co-op pals into the dungeon-delving, world-exploring formula.

Eugene finds two things one day: a portal and a truck rim. The portal takes him to a world filled with aliens who mean to take him out, but instead of handling these enemies with a sword, his handy shotgun will do. Using this, he'll blast his way through an open world filled with deep dungeons that hide useful alien technology. Using his guns and these alien gadgets, he hopes to find the missing truck rim and make his way home.

Shotgun Legend offers ten dungeons to explore, the potential to dual-wield shotguns without breaking your arms, very little in the way of direction, and a co-op mode where players share a health bar. It's a neat, lighthearted take on the Zelda style.

Shotgun Legend is available for $4.99 on and Steam. For more information on the game and Wastebasket Games, you can follow them on, YouTube, and Twitter.