The collectible card game / card battle genre has been thriving in recent years, on both mobile and PC thanks to titles like Hearthstone and Duelyst. Cosmos Invictus looks to be another entry in the category, eschewing a fantasy theme for a futuristic clash of cruisers, mechs, and pilots.

Choosing from alien and human factions, constructing themed decks of mechs and pilots, you wage battle for control of the solar system, your fights helping advance your factions control of specific sectors and regions. The battlefield of Cosmos Invictus is divided into designated slots and rows, with formations being crucial to gaining bonuses and buffs; you can even strategically reposition mechs mid-battle at the cost of fuel, highlighting the game's larger focus on card placement.

To enhance your mechs, you can install pilots to their cards; each pilot brings unique attack and defense bonuses as well as special abilties to add to a mech's existing skills. Play the right pilot at the right time, and you can force enemy mechs to eject their pilots, jam an enemy's attack capabilities, or even replicate an opponent's mech card to bolster your own forces. Waste turns and precious mech energy, and you'll need to retreat to your side's spaceship for refueling.

Cosmos Invictus is in development for PC, and is currently in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign. You can learn more details and a breakdown of mechanics on the game's site.