Tired of waiting for that big, luxurious beard to grow to impressive lengths? Why not just kill others, steal theirs and add it to your own? Genius, right? A Boy And His Beard cuts right to the chase and tells players that, if they want a big beard, the only way to get it is through taking someone else's.

Hordes of enemies await you in A Boy And His Beard, and they are covered in precious facial hair for you to take. The game will push wave after wave of enemies at you, which may be overwhelming at first, but you can use your environment to help defend against these bearded-baddies as you punch their facial hair right off, claiming it as your own. You can use objects to hide behind as well, or if you want to go full-on assault, you can use them to knock groups of foes aside.

A Boy And His Beard is a goofy, action-packed adventure to get your beard to maximum power. If you're looking for a few chuckles and some hair-collecting, try it out!


You can play A Boy And His Beard for free on Steam or itch.io! You can also follow the official Twitter here!