Medieval dodgeball is a pair of words I didn't know I needed to come together until now. Strikers Edge puts together a fast-paced challenge of dodging attacks from opponents and whipping back your own in a single player campaign or against your friends and the masses in local or online multiplayer.

Take control of one of eight possible characters and start firing off unique abilities at your opponents, trying not to get hit until someone drops from a failure to dodge. As you progress through the game, you'll find various arenas that each have their own obstacles to keep you from getting too comfortable with a certain strategy as well, making for more dangers than just simple dodging.

In the single player mode, players can explore the intricate backstories of these characters while finding their favorite playstyle, then take on the multiplayer side of the game with strategies learned in the campaign. Players can enjoy either 1v1 or 2v2 sessions to test their skills against others in an online or offline environment! So, challenge your friend or drag them into your fight against others in the ruthless weapon-filled dodgeball arena.

You can purchase Strikers Edge on Steam or PS4. You can also check out the developers on Twitter and Facebook!