Puzzles tend to revolve around learning and applying rules, whether those rules are spatial or physics-based or word-based and so on. Learn and understand the key information and you can piece together a solution. Cypher, the upcoming game from Matthew Brown of Hexcells fame, is all about applying rules, for the purest form of puzzle-solving: code-breaking.

Whereas Brown's past games like Hexcells and Squarecells revolved around minimalist approachs to nonogram-style puzzles, Cypher expands beyond abstract challenges into first-person territory, acting as both history lesson on crytography and a collection of trials about those cryptographic techniques. In the halls of this pristine minimalist musuem, your goal is to input passwords into waiting pedestals, using the surrounding information and codes to figure out each one.

From monoalphabetic substitution to the design of the Enigma Machine, Cypher explores a range of code types across its halls of puzzles, promisng a challenge that might just require a pen and paper to solve.

Cypher is slated to release on Steam on February 20th.