Aegis Defenders mashes up two genres and comes out with a new experience that is only further enhanced with gorgeous pixel art scenery. You'll be challenged left and right between the platforming challenges, defending your bases (which sometimes may not be stationary!), and utilizing the live action combat abilities of various characters that you can swap on the fly to achieve your goals!

Discover and unravel the mysteries of Elam, a beautifully-designed world in peril. A fabled weapon is a village's only hope, and a team of Ruinhunters is out to find it. Players will be able to use each of these Ruinhunters and their unique abilities to overcome enemies or solve platforming challenges, while also factoring in their position in the level to create powerful defenses and complex tactics. Being able to swap between them will be handy, but only if players know the right places to put them.

To keep the difficulty climbing as players progress, players will be tasked with more than just defending a stationary point. Aegis Defenders wants you to adapt and keep your strategies fresh as it throws in moving or multiple points to defend. You may even have to defend someone who may not want defending! If you find a certain stage too difficult, though, it may be time to upgrade your items and weapons. Fusion Build will let you take those items and combine them to create even stronger defenses.

To add even another point in the game's favor, you can enjoy the game with a friend in a truly stylish coop mode that changes the screen dynamically if you are too far apart. With such a strong set of visuals and enemies coming from all sides, Aegis Defenders might be a lot easier with a co-op pal.

You can purchase Aegis Defenders on Steam, PS4, or Switch. You can also check out the official site, Twitter, or YouTube channel!