From Brigador to Tesla vs Lovecraft, rumbling through levels within the heavy armor of a mech never ceases to be satisfying. Maybe it's the sense of weight, or the sheer amount of firepower your mech can carry, or in the case of Armed To The Gears, it's how you compliment your mech's attack options with strategically placed turrets to become a one-machine army.

Across several industrial maps, you must defend key points and annihilate enemy waves from the cockpit of your agile mech, wielding multiple weapons and evading attacks with your jet thrusters. But while your mech is powerful, it alone isn't enough to survive the overwhelming foes and much larger enemy mechs encroaching on your position. Thankfully, capturing reactors let you deploy turrets and barricades to slow and damage threats; through crossfires, managing chokepoints, calling in air support for resupplies and shields, you can survive the game's tougher challenges.

Armed To The Gears is currently in early access on Steam; the available build offers four maps to complete, eleven deployable turrets and other defensive options, and seven enemy types, with more of all those categories planned to added through its development. While the content is still being worked on, the central gameplay is complete: the weapons, equipment, and core mechanics of combat and upgrading your mech.

Armed To The Gates can be purchased on Steam for $3.99, and is expected to remain on early access for around six months. You can learn more about the game and developer Deonn Software through their main site here.