The land has fallen into a dull silence, its colors drained away. This is where the player comes in, helping Newt, a new tone in this musical world, steadily revive the landscape with their presence and bring back the songs that filled the air with their own musical abilities in Newt One,a cute 3D platformer.

Newt finds the world gone cold and silent upon arrival in this place, but luckily, part of its new job is in making things bright and musical again. To do this, players will need to leap around the environments and explore, picking up musical notes and other objects as their very presence brings back bright colors and life to the things they make contact with. As they revive the brightness, they'll bring mechanisms back to life and enlist helpful birds and other animals who will help create new paths to travel on.

Newt One aims to offer a nonviolent experience as players cross its worlds, bringing players into the game with the pure joy of seeing these places fill with color. Not only this, but the player's actions will also tie into the music as they repair the world, adding onto the songs that play in each area based on what the player is doing. Over time, players may just be able to bring this world back to its cute, colorful existence.

Newt One is available for $9.99 on (currently offering five stages in a demo state, with more to come). For more information on the game and developer DevNAri, players can head to the developer's site or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, Discord, and Twitter.