Horror title Bvoid looks to take the player on a disjointed, disturbing journey through dreams, having them cross an ever-shifting, broken world born of PSX-era visuals, LSD: Dream Emulator inspirations, and twisted FMV sequences.

Bvoid tasks the player with exploring this low-poly place as it changes before them, moving from hospital rooms to discomforting art galleries to chambers lit by brilliant purple skies. Or it might not, as the game features a bit of randomness that can change where the player will end up, offering ever-different routes through the game's uncomfortable landscapes. This leaves the game open to multiple interpretations depending on how the player views its eerie events, forcing players to go back into its depths to find the real answers.

Bvoid aims to stick to the original PlayStation's capabilities, offering an experience like it, while also avoiding jump scares in favor of building up a feeling of dread within the player as they explore. Few answers will be made clear to the player as they meander this hostile, visually-disturbing place, but perhaps through bravely combing through it all, we can come to some conclusions as to what we're witnessing (or allowing into our lives) as we follow an unspoken narrative of death and dying.

For more information on Bvoid and developer 98Demake, you can follow them on IndieDB, YouTube, and Twitter. The developer is also raising funding on IndieGoGo.