In Chuchel, Amanita Design's latest adventure game, it doesn't really take much to make our eponymous hero happy: he just wants to sleep the day away and dream of that tasty cherry he was saving up for later. Hmm. Well, it is a delicious cherry indeed. When he is rudely interrupted and gets his precious fruit stolen by some ruffian, grumpy old Chuchel has to set out into the world and reclaim his treasure - which is easier said than done.

Amanita Design's titles were always quite bad at spinning a coherent yarn. Instead, each new scene had a new theme, new puzzles and things to discover. Chuchel stretches this concept even further: it is a wonderful mess of disjointed slapstick and joyful sillyness. There is no deeper meaning; Chuchel is there to make you laugh - and that it does.

Puzzles are solved by clicking at stuff in the right order, but figuring out this order is such a wonderful thing. You see, despite its simple white background, the game is a little wonder of lovely details and animations. You never know what clicking on things will accomplish! You also need to overcome a few arcadey sequences, but most of the time, you'll point and click your way towards that coveted cherry.

More than any other of Amanita Design's games, Chuchel looks and feels like a weird children's book brought to life. (Side note: having played this with my two kids, I can confirm that they love it to bits. Four small thumbs up!) However, this is just half of what makes it so special: the audio design and soundtrack by Czech duo DVA (who also lent their odd, experimental sounds to Amanita's previous title, Botanicula) are out of this world.

To make a long story short: Chuchel is a sweet, quirky adventure game for all ages that's bubbling over with wonderful weirdness and is bound to make you laugh. Now go ahead and chase that cherry.

You can purchase Chuchel from Steam and GOG for $9.99. For more information, visit the game's website or follow our hairy hero on Twitter (or, for that matter, his creators, Amanita Design).