From Uplink to Her Story, the concept of a game presenting itself as a computer or console to work interact with has seen numerous variations and iterations. On mobile, games like Simulacra and A Normal Lost Phone expand the premise to smart phones. The upcoming Tech Support: Error Unknown looks to combine both, placing you in the desk chair of support specialist who must decide to help others or use your access to try blackmail and hacking.

Using your access and tech tools, your central goal is to solve technical puzzles informed by computer issue scenarios, chatting with different characters and providing tips and assistance like rebooting or remotely-activating GPS. But with such power comes opportunity; through dialogue choices and use of your devices, you can decide to blackmail people for your own ends, or become a hacker activist to rise up the corporate ladder of your company.

Your choices - to help, or hurt, or expose - will influence the story and unlock new characters and software to use as you progress through Tech Support's narrative.

Tech Support: Error Known is slated to release on PC, Mac, and Linux soon, but doesn't have a definite release date yet. You can wishlist the game and learn more details through its Steam page, site, and Twitter page.