In Ghost Of A Tale, you'll be in control of Tilo, a mouse minstrel, on a quest to find their true love, Merra. As such a tiny rodent, your defences are lacking against predators, but your cunning mind and soft, quiet feet will help you sneak past an otherwise untimely encounter with the large lethal creatures who mean to end your journey through a medieval world that's run by animals.

Ghost Of A Tale doesn't shy away from putting players in a seemingly defenceless position as a mouse minstrel - your enemies will not be swayed by your sweet symphonies. Using the environment and your petite stature, you can sneak around your enemy's senses. If that option doesn't seem to be working out, you can try luring your enemy into a trap, slamming the door right in their face as they try to pursue you. Between stealth, disguises, and a little help from the animal allies you meet, you should keep the minstrel safe to play his tunes another day.

Overflowing with highly detailed areas, whether in tight castle corridors or large, sunlit fields, Ghost Of A Tale urges players to delve deep into the world, searching every nook and cranny for new friends and new, striking vistas. Using the information you find from the environment and pairing it with the chats you have with other animal-folk, you just may be able to find your true love!

Ghost of A Tale Is available on Steam, GoG and Humble Bundle. For more information, check out the official website, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube channel!