Certainly, when you hit the bottom, it doesn't go any lower...right? You may find yourself asking this question while playing Merrily Perilly - a game about crisis. It starts out with dehydration, but before long, you've got bees and dozens of other issues stemming from what should have been a simple problem. Help the protagonist navigate these unfortunate events and find some light at the end of the tunnel...

Oh wait, that's a train.

Schadenfreude. If this is a feeling you enjoy, you may enjoy watching the struggles taking place in Merrily Perilly. Take control of the protagonist and seek help for your dehydration, which should be a simple fix. However, the inhabitants of the nearby village seem apathetic and unhelpful considering your uncomplicated predicament, and even the most obvious solution only seems to create more trouble for the protagonist. This means the player must explore the world to deal with their woes, the player carried along by shock and delirious laughter, seeing just how deep the rabbit hole of misfortune goes.

Oh wait, that's a snake den.


Merrily Perilly is currently in early access and you can join in on the fun on here. You can also follow the developer on Twitter and Tumblr!