A green thumb and a little magic is all you'll need in Himawari's Garden. Take control of Himawari, a gardening witch who's in charge of bringing happiness to the forest's inhabitants. With specific needs and dreams for their greenery, you'll be in charge of giving those plants life and helping them thrive in order to please those woodland creatures.

Your task to keep the forest people happy will test your ability to raise complex plants and grow the right vegetation. Plants, trees, and fungi are available to you, and you'll be able to watch them grow in real time to see if you've made a good decision for the forest. Different plants have varying characteristics, like reproduction/growth rate or growth patterns - experiment a little and see how each fauna grows. With enough experience, you'll be an expert botanist in no time and be able to make a garden that surpasses all the forest inhabitants' expectations, keeping everybody happy with your plant choices.


You can try a demo Himawari's Garden on itch.io here. You can also check out Ludomyth's itch.io page here!