Kobold Garden reveals itself as a game with a big heart, which players can see in the form of a knight carrying a happy little critter called a Kobold. You'll be in charge of keeping these scaly babies safe from starvation and predators throughout this game of monster care and loving warriors.

In its pre-alpha state, Kobold Garden shows a lot of promise to be a great game. Currently, to give a feel for the game, players will be able to run around to explore the setting and pet Kobolds. I mean, if one of the priorities goes to petting, who's going to complain? The creatures are cute and certainly draw upon the player's innate desire to pet and protect adorable things.

To keep these little guys happy and healthy, you'll have to wander the area to find resources, as well as fend off predators that could invade your village. Not only this, but neighboring factions may invade as well and jeopardize your Kobold's safety! So, keep your defenses strong and always make time for hugs.


You can try out Kobold Garden on itch.io here. You can also follow the developer on Twitter, Tumblr, or support them on Patreon!