Are random facts from old cartoons and games embedded in your skull? Worried that this knowledge is now useless and you'll never help anyone with it? Fret not, for Majotori will let you flaunt your useless facts, using them to help characters attain their wishes by aiding them in trivia battles where you may need to remember Simba's mom's name.

Ava wants to be a princess. She WISHES it. You can help her with Majotori. You'll just have to recall detailed facts from video games, anime, cartoons and movies, as the game is riddled with trivia that may put even the most die-hard fans to shame. Should you know enough about each of these subjects, Ava just might get her wish. However, Ava's story progresses regardless of whether you get the questions right or wrong, going in a much darker direction should you not know enough niche game factoids.

With over twenty-five characters to help over more than fifty story scenarios, players will work through plenty of different narratives with their knowledge. So, get ready to test your trivia skills and grant some wishes (or see what happens when you fall short)!

You can find Majotori on Steam,, Google Play, and the App Store. You can also check out the official website and Twitter!