Picture a brawler and you probably have an image of punches and kicks, weapons and throws, waves of enemies encroaching. But Way of the Passive Fist has a different idea of what a brawler could be. Instead of unleashing aggressive violence upon foes, your moveset here revolves around skillful deflection of aggressive violence.

As the Wanderer, you roam the wastes and landscapes of doomed planet Zircon V, fighting against bandits and other outlaw groups. They will come at you with flurries of blows, melee weapons, and larger numbers, but you have the deft dodges and parries to detest them all. Passive Fist's fights are more akin to rhythmic duels, as you precisely evade and parry attacks until enemies are drained of stamina and can be defeated with a single poke.

With each region cleared and enemy defeated, you gain experience to unlock special abilties and expand your defensive moveset; master the story chapters and you'll be able test your skills in the game's Arcade mode. And if the challenge becomes overwhelming, you can modulate the gameplay to your liking through sliders that alter the number of fights, enemy strength, and other options.

Way of the Passive Fist is available for $14.99 on Steam, Humble, Green Man Gaming, PS4, and Xbox.