Oedipus marrying his mother wasn't exactly a great move on his part, but Oedipus Dating Sim asks us if we could maybe change that for him and turn his life around. Trouble is, the only way around it is to romance one of six eligible bachelorettes when you don't know who they are, meaning players could just as easily end up marrying him to Jocasta (his mother) all over again. Although things are still possibly salvageable in that situation in this silly take on Greek tragedy.

In Oedpius Dating Sim, players gain the help from three fates and Dionysus, an Olympian god with a TV show, who will assist them in finding a date for Oedipus. There are six possibilities of match-ups, including the three fates themselves and Oedipus' mother, but the player is not told who they are speaking with, tasking them with figuring out who they're romancing before they accidentally stick Oedipus with his mother again. However, these characters shift around the Casino Hotel where the game takes place on each run at the game, and their choice of drink changes as well, making it a challenge to nail down who you're chatting up as a potential date.

Players are given fifteen in-game days to get a date lined up, choosing the right drinks, dialogues, and gifts to sway the six possible dates while also trying to figure out if a mother/son date is coming together. It's not a disaster if it does, though, as players can take steps to make this a less ruinous (but no less discomforting) relationship as they work towards the game's ten endings.

Oedipus Dating Sim is available for $2.99 on Steam. For more information on the game and Wholetone Games, you can head to the developer's site or follow them on YouTube and Twitter.