The desert is a ruthless landscape, a sandy expanse littered with the wastes of abandoned architecture. But in Of Mice & Sand: Revised, an expanded version of a 2017 3DS release, you have the means to cross, with your tiny crew and sprawling home on wheels. Managing them effectively is a different story though.

To face the looming wasteland of an alien planet, Of Mice & Sand starts you off with a small mobile home, with beds and workshops for your meager crew. But as the rodents travel the dunes, encounter other inhabitants, gather resources and riches, your craft grows larger and more sprawling, from a big rig to an entire town on treads, complete with gunsmiths and bars and other luxuries. You'll need to keep growing your vehicle and crew to survive the more aggressive threats roaming the desert, and survive the draining stretches of uninhabitable sand.

Managing food and fuel is paramount, as is accepting quests from the folks encountered in towns and outposts along the way. Bounty, rumors from saloons, and other tidbits about the world flesh out this blend of apocalyptic western and rodent world, complimenting the management and strategy side of the gameplay.

Of Mice & Sand: Revised is now available for $9.99 on Steam and Switch, and is releasing soon on PS4. You can visit the game's site for more details.