There is an air of wrongness to Paratopic, a feeling that reality is just a thin layer and there's something underneath, wriggling, trying to break through. And sometimes it does.

This eerie fever dream of a game follows an assassin preparing for her kill, a man smuggling contraband VHS tapes over the border, and a young girl who finds the rusted remnants of illicit industry deep in a dark forest. It's also full of "weirdness, gore, and body horror."

Featuring a glitchy, unsettling PSX aesthetic (which is quite gorgeous, really) and BeauChaotica's appropriately atmospheric soundtrack, this one stays in your mind long after that hour or so you spent with it. Seriously, the less said about it, the better. Paratopic needs to be experienced.

You can purchase Paratopic from for $5.49. I highly recommend the Soundtrack Edition ($8.99). You can follow the developers Jess Harvey, Doc Burford, and Chris Brown on Twitter.