As Mario might attest, it's not easy being a video game plumber. But at least he only has to jump over pipes. In Pipe Push Paradise, you need to...push pipes across a mysterious island, where limited space and odd pipe shapes craft brain-breaking spatial challenges from seemingly simple mechanics.

On an isolated island, local piping is in disarray and it's up to you to repair them and learn about the island's inhabitants along the way. "Repairing them" here means pushing pipes around through Sokoban-style puzzles that feel reminiscent of Stephen's Sausage Roll, in how pipes rotate in space when moved from certain directions. Maneuvering pipes within the tight confines of the game's stage can be a challenge in its own right, but needing to consider orientation and connecting pipes correctly adds other layers to consider. that difficulty only increases as more mechanics such as 3D space and switches are introduced; that colorful aesthetic belies a fiendishly tricky design. Thankfully, a step-by-step undo encourages experimentation rather than frustration.

Outside of its distinct challenge areas, Pipe Push Paradise opens up into an interconnected puzzle environment, allowing you to progress in the order you choose and to try other stages if you're find yourself stumped. As you traverse the landscape, your pipe-pushing hero will encounter quirky residents, willing to talk with this helpful stranger about life on this island.

Pipe Push Paradise is available for $7.99 on Steam and Itch.io. You can visit the game's site and developer Corey Martin's Twitter page for more details.