The first thing you'll probably notice about Pato Box is its unusually thick-lined, black-and-white aesthetic, inspired by comic book art. Then you might notice that you play as a man with a duck head. If you're looking for something weird and different, Pato Box's Punch Out-inspired action and quirky story might be for you.

Betrayed for your former sponsor Deathflock, your journey in Pato Box is one of revenge, as you explore trap-filled levels to defeat Deathflock's henchmen and learn about the secrets of the mysterious company. Levels are 3D environments, with characters to speak with, hazards to avoid, and secrets to uncover; once you reach your foes, Pato Box drops you into boxing matches influenced by the classic Punch-Out game, where weaving and left-right blows are your keys to victory against each bosses' unique abilities. Interestingly, boss fights aren't always boxing matches, but can also involve other scenarios such as an evil chef looking to cook you in a soup. Of course, punching is your main way of dealing with this situations, whether it's fighting enemies or finding your way through a high tech maze of lasers. Dialogue choices, mini games, collectibles, and exploration round out the gameplay beyond combat, fleshing out the world of Pato Box and the company Deathflock.

Pato Box is available on Steam for $14.99, and is expected to also release on Switch and Vita in the future. You can visit the game's site, Twitter, and Facebook page for more information.