In the post apocalypse of iDracula: Genesis, it's not roaming bandits, devastating disease, or the undead you have to worry about. Actually, those might be preferable when the world is a hellscape where the laws of physics have been torn asunder and demons, killer machines, and other monsters lurk around every corner. Thankfully in this isometric dual-stick shooter, you have more than enough firepower to annihilate them all.

As a hunter, you fight these nightmarishly weird foes across procedurally generated arenas, armed with a plethora of weapons, items, and skill-changing perks. With the right upgrades, you can turn a standard blaster into a powerful charged energy weapon outfitted with an aim-improved laser, and iDracula offers myriad more weapons to equip and customize, from handheld mortars to plasma machine guns.

After choosing from a selection of hunters as weird as your enemies, iDracula also features useful companions (aka "familiars") that imbue you with additional passive abilities, adding even more builds to devise. Once you're on the battlefield, ranging from fleshy caverns to mad scientist labs and gothic halls, the pixel art action looks particularly impressive, with its detailed and over-the-top effects and hordes of varied monsters.

iDracula: Genesis is in development for PC, and you can follow its development through the game's blog and Twitter page.