Spacefaring scientist Synch crash lands on an unknown planet with his robot companion Noide. Things are taking an interesting turn when they are drawn into a war - featuring swords and sorcery. Fantasy and Science Fiction don't always mix that well, but Azure Saga: Pathfinder seems to make this work just fine.

Mechanically, Azure Saga: Pathfinder feels rather old-school: it has all the turn-based JRPG fights, tropes, and it even has a fishing mini-game. There are no elaborate skill trees or a bazillion equipment slots for your characters - things are kept simple instead, making this an ideal game for players new to the genre. Nevertheless, this is a solid little game with an interesting story. It is also awfully pretty!

You can purchase Azure Saga: Pathfinder from Steam for $12.99. For more information, visit the game's website or follow developer MassHive Media on Facebook or Twitter.