Secret Little Haven is a game about self discovery through chat programs, forums, online friendships, fan sites, games, and exploring the internet. Using SanctuaryOS, players can play around with various games and tools, or set out into the web to talk to friends, steadily finding a world where you can finally be who you really are.

One of the beauties of online existence is that, for many of us, they are one of the first places where we can be who we truly are. Freed from the chains of our current bodies and the previous expectations created for us in the world, we are allowed to explore the self through what we do and interact with when we set out into the internet. This can be a soothing, happy experience, or one fraught with questions, for Alex Cole, a young trans teenager looking to have fun and wile the rainy Summer days away.

Secret Little Haven creates an entire digital playground for players to discover, offering various chat programs, minigames, and websites about magical girls for players to comb through as they follow Alex's journey in finding herself. Not that the early internet can be all sunshine, but through exploring its hidden places, buried treasures, and the private thoughts of friends as they open up to one another, the truth of how Alex really feels can blossom, taking the player on a heart-wrenching, beautiful journey.

Secret Little Haven is available for $5 on For more information on the game and developer Victoria Dominowski, you can follow them on YouTube and Twitter.