The horde of enemies have always been a staple of the arcade and dual stick shooter, not just for the tense retreat to survive but for the satisfying rush of obliterating such an overwhelming threat with your superior skills. But in Swarmlake, overcoming the horde, the tidal wave of danger, isn't an option. All you can do is survive longer and beat your high scores as the low-poly flood washes over your shotgun-wielding avatar.

First glances may bring to mind the hellish arena and swarms of Devil Daggers, but play Swarmlake and the game reveals itself to be its own beast. If Devil Daggers offered desperate breathless survival against nightmarish odds, Swarmlake is something more calming and graceful, as you rocket-jump over the waves to outmaneuver and reposition before landing to collect your point shards and continue the dance of evasion. That dance and wave surfing is Swarmlake's distilled gameplay loop; no other modes to master, no other weapons, just you versus the endless crush of low-poly foes, beat your high score.

The spectacle of those incoming enemies, the shadow of the hundreds-strong waves blocking out the sunlight, or the hailstorm of shapes below as you arc overhead, are its unique thrills. Swarmlake may be minimalist in its design, but the visuals of your single shotgun against thousands of enemies makes quite an impression when you're in the midst of the action.

Swarmlake is available for $0.99 on Steam. You can learn more about developer through the game's site and on Twitter.