Developer Renegade Sector's library is one of uniquely low-poly visuals and challenging arcade-style action, and the team's latest release Kill The Superweapon looks to be a worthy addition, with its small-scale 3D arenas and plethoras of projectiels.

As the aptly named Samantha Kill, you wage war through the deadly rooms of Abaddon Inc, seeking out the company's powerful Superweapon soldiers to destroy. But as you survive each room, dodging hundreds of bullets and strafing around encroaching enemies, those Superweapons are hunting you as well. Each level features a unique Superweapon to kill and evade, as it chases you between rooms.

Kill The Superweapon's dioramic levels allows for a diverse array of arena designs to stage the dual-stick mayhem: multi-level arenas, uneven floors, and barriers that turn battles into evasion through maze-like gauntlets.

Kill The Superweapon can be purchased for $7.99 on Steam and Itch.io.