Bird Game offers a calming flight through pretty black and white woods, having players swoop among the insects and flowers along their way.

Not that it is ALWAYS calming, though. Being a very tiny bird comes with a few challenges, after all.

Players will guide a bird through woodland areas throughout Bird Game. Most of these will have insects and other creatures flitting around or getting in the way, creating many opportunities for the poor bird to bump into someone and mess up its flight. Not only are those creatures causing trouble, but the plants and logs that dot the environment sometimes start moving around or getting in the way, turning a relaxing flight into a more white-knuckle journey. The game CAN be calming, but it also offers a challenging experience for those who don't want their time as a bird to be too easy.

However, the game aims to calm the player down even as it works to wind them up. The black and white art style, often drawn in as the player grows near, is striking to behold, drumming up a sense of wonder as the world is created before them. The music is also quite soothing, offering a balm when a stupid bug blunders into your path and ruins the zen of your flight.

Equally pretty and punishing, Bird Game aims to draw in players seeking various things from its flights.

Bird Game is available for $2.99 on Steam. For more information on the game and developer Bryan Tabor, you can follow them on YouTube and IndieDB.